Board Officers

2016-2017 Music Booster Officers

President: Linda Boyd (612) 237-7684
Vice President:
Secretary: Sue Gillham
Treasurers: Doug Kleist (612-866-8242)

Class Representatives:
Senior Parent:
Junior Parent: Cheryl Avenson (612) 866-1055
Soph. Parent:
Fresh. Parent:
8th Grade Parent:
7th Grade Parent:
6th Grade Parent:

Appointed Chairs:
Fundraising Chair:
Lead Parade Chaperone: Doug Kleist (612) 866-8242
Membership Coordinator:

Band Directors:
Elizabeth Winslow: High School Phone and Voice Mail (612) 798-6283

Erik Christianson: Middle School Phone and Voice Mail (612) 798-6456

Choir Director:
Kevin Erickson: High School and Middle School Phone and Voice Mail (612) 798-6469

Any questions about the Music Boosters can be directed to: