Chaperone Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering your time to chaperone this special trip with the Richfield High School. Ultimately we are first and foremost concerned with the well-being and safety of our students. This is why Chaperone guidelines are in place. After reviewing the guidelines, if you have any further questions, please ask the lead chaperones or one of the band directors.

The following is advice that will help with all chaperoning situations:

  • – Teenagers don’t always think clearly and responsibly, help them.
  • – Don’t ignore inappropriate behavior. (Beware of couples)
  • – Try not to compound a situation by over-reacting
  • – Respect students’ and their privacy, but enforce all the rules.
  • – You are every student’s parent while chaperoning.
  • – Rules and Schedules may need to be adjusted. BE FLEXIBLE.
  • – If you are unsure how to handle the situation, ASK!

12 Simple Rules to a Better Trip

1)    Chaperones are On Call 24 hours a day.

2)    Chaperones should follow the same rules as the students

3)    Remember that all school and band rules are in effect for the duration of the trip. Chaperones are to enforce all school rules.

4)    Do not drink alcohol or smoke in front of students

5)    Chaperones will perform room checks at lights out to your assigned rooms. Students are not permitted to visit other rooms after hours.

6)    Remember we are guests at the hotel. Please make sure your students are behaving properly. Anyone deemed guilty of grossly inappropriate behavior will be dealt with by the directors and may be sent home, at the parent’s expense.

7)    Property of the hotel is not to be removed by students or chaperones.

8)    Students are not permitted to leave the hotel without permission of the directors or head chaperones. Any student found doing so will be dealt with severely.

9)    Make sure students have everything they need before leaving the hotel in the morning for the performance that day. (i.e. proper attire, music, instrument, money) as we may not be returning to the hotel prior to the performance.

10)  On the day of our “Check out”, do a room check before your students’ leave to make sure nothing is left behind. Remind students that they and their parents are responsible for any damage to hotel property and lost items.

11)  If you have any questions please ask. No question is a dumb question.

12) Lastly we all want to have fun and following these simple rules will make this trip and trips to come more enjoyable.